Secondary Distinctives: (7-12)

  • 13 AP course offerings taught by highly trained teachers – AP English Literature, AP English Language, AP Statistics, AP Calculus AB and BC, AP US History, AP European History, AP Human Geography, AP Government, AP Computer Principles, AP Computer, AP Biology, AP Physics

  • The Distinguished Scholars Program - An opportunity for highly motivated high school students to focus on an area of interest including STEM ( marine science, pre-engineering, pre-med, computer science), Liberal Arts ( English/Journalism or History/ Global Studies) or Biblical Leadership. This program includes an internship as well as a diploma and transcript distinction.

  • Anchor Trips: We delight in being able to offer educational and spiritual growth opportunities for our students. We provide a retreat early in the school year for all students in grades 7-12 in order to build friendships and establish a strong educational foundation for the year. In addition, our 9th graders take a special educational trip each year that also involves service and missions. Our 12th graders look forward to a fun ski trip their senior year where they bond with friends- some even experience snow for the first time!

  • Bible Program- Our Bible program is second to none! Our students participate in the Light-bearers curriculum in junior high which helps them to solidify their faith in God as well as their understanding of who they are in Christ. Our high school students complete coursework in the Great Doctrines . . . and more.

  • Crews- Secondary students are placed into Crew teams each year led by their junior and senior peers. These groups help to promote a sense of belonging as well as develop both leadership and accountability. Students build cross-grade relationships as they participate in games, competitions, and other activities. This is an avenue for the younger students to learn from older ones, while the older students learn to appreciate the younger ones.


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