Tuition and Fees Schedule


Grades                            Enrollment              Tuition                     Activity Fee

Kindergarten – 6th          $350                         $6833                       $470

7th – 8th                            $350                         $7355                       $545

9th – 12th                          $350                         $7966                       $545

Application Fee

$100 (non-refundable) per new student. The fee must be submitted with the application for admission.  


Enrollment Fee

A student may not start school until the enrollment fee has been paid. Enrollment fee covers yearbook, curriculum, and standardized testing.  


Activity Fee

Covers technology, spirit shirt, spiritual growth week, activities, along with facilities usage fee. The fee may be combined with tuition and paid monthly.  


Tuition Monthly Payment Plan

Tuition payments are made through your online FACTS account. A late fee of $40 will be assessed for late monthly payments.    


After Care

After school supervision is provided from 3:30 – 5:30 p.m. billed at $5 per hour (hourly rate is assessed for any portion of the hour).  


Annual Pay Discount: A 2% discount is available on every tuition paid in full. Annual payments must be received by April 1, 2020 or at the time of enrollment to qualify for this discount.


Parent Pledge

This is a voluntary tax-deductible gift made to the school to help offset educational costs. Because it is a faith pledge, each family is asked to prayerfully consider what they can give. Some can make a more significant pledge than others, but we need to average approximately $500 per family. Pledges may be given as a one-time gift or on a recurring basis though the Covenant Christian School website at  


Education Support Testing Fee

Additional testing may be requested. $200 for Level 1 or $400 for Level 2.

Educational Support Program                         Program Fee

RX for Discovery Math                                        $800

Search and Teach                                               $2,500

Educational Therapy                                           $4,100