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From the age of 9 I loved making people laugh. I wanted to be like Jim Carrey when I grew up so I practiced making funny faces in the mirror just as he had done. I earned a diploma in Acting + Modeling at John Casablanca's Modeling and Career Studio, the founder of the Super Model, in Pittsburgh, PA. I started pursuing modeling opportunities, but then... 

I had a life-changing encounter with the Lord in 2002. I longed to use acting, public speaking and dance to draw people to His goodness. Through His strength, I radically surrendered to His will. I studied High Tech 

Youth Ministry while being an abstinence educator in public high schools and leading a local Campus Life group. Drawn by my love for the youth, 1 moved to the Los Angeles Dream Center to study in Master's Commission, a young adult leadership program in the performing arts and ministry. As part of the leadership team, I wrote scripts, spoken word, acted and co-led a hip-hop dance team that performed in many churches, detention centers and schools. God catapulted me into worldwide ministry, teaching, dancing and acting in different countries: Mexico, Kenya, China, Israel and throughout the USA. After spending many years in Israel related ministry, that included using the arts to teach on Jewish/Christian relations, I began to teach drama on the SpaceCoast. 

Christians should be the most creative, cutting edge, well spoken and better than anything coming out of Hollywood. After all, we follow the Creator of the Universe. 1 cannot wait to impart all I've learned to make your children stand out in a culture that tries to make everyone fit in. Let's pursue excellence and godliness together! 

I am a licensed minister with the International Ministerial Fellowship, hold a Pastoral Ministry Certificate from Global University and a Bachelors Degree in Interdisciplinary 

Studies, areas of study: Business and Religion, from Liberty University. I live beachside with my husband and two daughters. I can be reached at dawnsober@ccslions.org

P.S. A special note to my drama parents: thank you for trusting me with your children. I believe that together we can refine their God-given talents. My hope is that they shine brighter than any star in the sky or on Hollywood Boulevard. If you are part of 

volunteering for our performances in any capacity, please email me your name, phone #, and what capacity you help in. We cannot do this alone! I look forward to hearing from you.