Discover where God's giftings meet your personal passions

Distinguished Scholars Program

  • Allow students to explore their interests as they interact with professionals in their potential field of post secondary studies.

  • Provide experiences to help students take initiative and build character and self disciplinary skills needed for college success and beyond.

  • Enrich college preparation by assisting students in building a resumé with a variety of life experiences.

  • Cultivate leadership and help build a servants heart toward others for God's glory.

>Biblical Leadership

>STEM Academy

  • Pre-Engineering

  • Computer Science

  • Pre-Medical

  • Marine Science

>Liberal Arts

  • English/Journalism 

  • History/Global Studies

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In order for a CCS student to graduate with distinction in one of the following disciplines, the students must:

  • Complete all requirements listed in the Institute Concentration Complete the College and Career Course at CCS

  • Submit the distinction checklist by October 1st of senior year (also required for transcript inclusion)

  • Submit all paperwork by January 31st of their senior year.

Each Institute participant will be given a faculty advisor who will meet with the student quarterly to review progress and discuss learning. In conjunction with the school, the student will be responsible for selecting and completing their internship hours prior to the second semester of their senior year. Advisors will also be available to help with college resume development, along with the guidance counselor in conjunction with the college and careers course. All Institute participants will be required to participate in a 2 day internship preparation course offered at several specific times per year. This course comes with a $50 fee to cover course materials and instruction.